The Benefits Of

Biophilic design

Why Advanced Autoponics?

Guided Root Growth

Seeds or Clones

Hydroponic or Aeroponic

Fast growth with less space and resources

Fault-tolerant failsafes

Set it & forget it

Automated technology

Quick setup


Data driven plant care

Limited interaction, Remote Monitoring

Modular design

Breathe In the Benefits of Biophilic Design

In an office:

indoor plants are the second most wanted elements in a workplace 1

In a hospitality space:

guests are willing to pay more, higher satisfaction rates 2

In a retail space:

occupants willing to pay higher rent, better shopper experience 2

In a healthcare space:

faster recovery times, better staff satisfaction rates 2

 1 The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace

2 Biophilic Design – Connecting With Nature to Improve Health and Wellbeing