Advanced Autoponics

ADVANCED AUTOPONICS, LLC was founded in 2017. Its mission is to advance the adoption of hydroponics by solving problems with existing hydroponic systems with a unique and automated system. Its vision is to transform interior spaces into thriving green plantscapes, while also giving growers a hands-off approach to growing. The company is based in Denver, Colorado.

ADVANCED AUTOPONICS, LLC, was founded by Sayon Chandrakanthan. Sayon’s background includes 7 years’ experience in automation, data collection and analytics across a wide range of projects and industries. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. His extensive engineering experience and passion for plants and automation has led to the creation of ADVANCED AUTOPONICS, LLC.

Our Team

Sayon Chandrakanthan

Sayon Chandrakanthan

CEO + Founder

Mayuran Chandrakanthan

Director of Business Strategy

Thileeban Jeyakumar

Director of Technology

Jonathan Chandrakumar

Director of Accounting and Finance