GEMU 1: An Automated Growing System

Interested in a free demo? Want to see the GEMU 1 growing system in action? Want more details?

Imagine your favorite interior space TRANSFORMED into a lush green plantscape that grows and thrives on its own.

Imagine your commercial grow FULLY OPTIMIZED for healthy growth with a hands-free hydroponic system.

Why hydroponics?

Problems with traditional soil methods:

Time- & labor-intensive.

No buried bugs, weeds or digging

Difficult to Automate

Easier to control the plant environment and repeat it.

Prone to human error

Say good bye to overwatering and overnutrition.

The dirty business of soil methods

    • Soil growing requires 10x more water than hydroponics
    • Soil erodes, depletes, and requires mulching, tilling, weeding, etc.
    • Yields are 3-10 per ft³ lower than hydroponics
    • Soil requiries 20% more floor space

Why Advanced Autoponics?

Problems with existing/competing hydroponic systems:


Algae growth, leaks, & clogs

Designed specifically to prevent algae growth, leaks and roots from creating dams.

Tempermental & inconvenient to use

We control every aspect of the growing process.


Large learning Curve

No need to learn the ins and outs of hydroponics. All you do is place a seed, clone or plant in and watch it grow.

High-maintenance & expensive

We use off the shelf parts and hydroponic items within our system. No custom pods or growing materials such as net pots and rockwool.

The AA Advantage

Advanced Autoponics was founded in 2017 as a boutique engineering firm developing a modular hydroponic and aeroponic system hyper-focused on making growing plants easier for those in biophillic and commercial growing markets.

Our solutions allow design firms and growers to customize their solution to best meet their needs.